The Team of the Board

Rafiq Ali (Bsc Hons Business Management) - Chair


Rafiq is the Chair of Trustees.  He is very much involved in charity and voluntary work and has a deep understanding of non for profit establishments.  Rafiq brings a wealth of experience having held management positions in a letter & parcel delivery company and is an active member of the Communication Workers Union. He is very diligent and outspoken and has key admirable qualities. 

Hasanat Tazeem (Bsc Hons Applied Chemistry) - Treasurer


Hasanat is our Treasurer.  He is the co-founder of "Raise for Life" a voluntary organisation that works for humanitarian causes and thus has built an extensive network of diverse community working.  Being a Forensic Scientist and Team Leader, Husanat encompasses a great personality, put together with his set of outstanding skills and passion for deliverance and outcomes that ultimately benefit the community.

Pervaiz Khan (BSc Hons Computer Studies) - Secretary


Pervaiz (Pej) is an active member of the community.  He is eager to get involved with any projects that promote social inclusion and is not shy to fund raise for a good cause since he is the co-founder of a successful fundraising group. Pej is the Housing Officer for our local council and encompasses a wide range of skills enabling him to be an effective member of any team

The Team of Management & Head Academics

Khalid Mahmood - Founder


 A creative and enthusiastic Continuous Improvement Performance Practitioner with over 20 years experience in a diverse range of fields including business, management, projects, community, charity & retail on many levels. 

Khalid possesses  a Bsc (Hons) in Estate Management and Surveying, and a PGD in Law (of the Built Environment).  He is pro-active, positive individual with an outgoing manner and the ability to quickly establish relationships with people, with a proven ability in facilitation, influencing and negotiating at executive levels.   He has excellent stakeholder engagement and communication skills ensuring understanding of deliverable timelines, roles and responsibilities & priorities.  

In addition, Khalid is actively involved with humanitarian charities and local community forums and has been very 'hands on' in distributing aid to the destitute in various parts of the world.  He has a genuine concern and emotional attachment for the less fortunate. Amazingly, he  manages all this with his current Operational & Distributional Management role in the largest parcel & letter company in the UK.  

Being a future enthusiast, Khalid has an inventive vision, "inspiring education and empowering community" for this academy and has strategic plans to achieve this by pairing  the astounding team that he has built together with the local community to be involved in detail and delivery of the outcomes.

Mohammed Munir - Academy Manager


A Senior Manager in the logistics section of the retail industry, Munir is resilient and a team builder. He has a passion for success and is PIC trained that equips him to strategically achieve the vision of the academy. 

His noble character is appreciated  from the application of his methodogy to working effectively in pressured environments allowing excellence milestone success.  Munir supports local charities and self help & support groups in providing comfort, encouragement, advise and general well-being issues and often takes matters in his own hands until an outcome is achieved. 

Adeel Akram - Academy Support Manager


Adeel is very task led. His job as a Planning Surveyor in telecommunications enables him to make analytical decisions whilst supporting his team.  His versatile thought process equates to positive outcomes. He is diligent in completing tasks and has an eye for detail.  

Adeel is also a professional Chauffeur of prestige cars where he has built up a network of social intermediaries.  Through these experiences he has become a confident communicator enabling him to bring together disciplines and fields that have produced fruition results.

Sakeeb Akram - Head of Human Resources


Suitably qualified in BA (Hons) in working with young people and families with education studies, and employed in the tertiary sector as a Team Development Manager, Sakeeb is highly effective in organisational & communication skills.  He proficiently uses his initiative to achieve the vision of the establishment.  

Sakeeb is also an proficient events planner from design to implementation within time frames and has earned a reputation for his robust coordination skills.

Nida Malik - Head of IT & Marketing / Academic Tutor & Mentor


Nida has a diverse educational  & forensic background through her employment with an MSc in Psychology and is currently employed as a DNA & Blood Splatter Analyst.  She also works with SEN students as an Advance Behavioural Therapist and an Academics Tutor. She is committed and passionate in carrying out tasks diligently and has great care for the young and vulnerable. 

Abdurahim Mahmood (Hafiz) Headteacher


Teaching for the last 5 Years Abdurahim has gained tremendous in-depth experience of the education environment.  

He is also a private tutor and is committed to teaching excellence and has build a great rapport with children & young people alike.  

He has an extensive working network in the community outreach field and is a qualified Personal Trainer which allows him to engage with the youth first hand. Abdurahim is qualified in Jurispudence & Theology and profound in History and the Arabic Language. 

Kaleem Mahmood (Hafiz) Deputy Head


Kaleem is a great communicator and has a passion in building bridges and encouraging social inclusion.  He is renowned  for his vocalism in singing and reciting and endeavours to entertain the community at large.  

Kaleem has been teaching children for the last 4 years and has been involved with implementing  recreational projects. He is a great team player and works in Corporate Share Investments. Kaleem has taken part in many charitable causes from feeding the homeless to sponsored runs. 

Mohammed Adeel - Subject Matter Expert (SME)


Adeel is a highly intellectual teacher and a great reciter.  He has earned much deserved reputation for his in-depth knowledge of many subject matters in his field of Jurisprudence & Theology and Foriegn Languages. 

He has been successfully teaching for over 10 years at a well recognised establishment and has produced outstanding students.  He has built a system of teacher-student-parent interaction that allows the monitoring of performance & behaviours, and feedback's accordingly with actions.  His humbleness is the epitome of his soft natured character. 

Sajad Akram - Head of Academic Studies


Sajad brings a wealth of experience with his multi qualifications as a Teacher (BA Hons in PGCE/NPQH) with over 20 years experience in academic teaching and training, and also a Pilot (CPL/IR ATPL). 

He is trained as an Ofsted Inspector for regulating body standards in education and plays a crucial part with school governors.  He is also an 11+ Tutor.  Sajad enjoys volunteering and working in collaboration with charities & hospitals and is very much community led. His personality and character is a testimony of his passion for humanitarian causes. 

Currently, he is a pilot employed in a reputable airline company flying in Western Europe and has previously been training others in aviation programs in the Midlands.

The Team of Teachers

Faisal Akram - Teacher & Weekends Maktab Lead


Faisal has a track record of leading teams and facilitating continuous improvements.  Having studied philosophy he has natural ability to critically assess an in-depth situation with praise worthy denouement.

Being self - employed, Faisal is focused  through determination and working on his own initiative to to achieve success.  He volunteers for locals charities and has been involved from book-keeping to help fund-raise for many projects, more recently for a water filtration project.

Isa Mahmood - Teacher


Being a student himself, Isa appreciates the challenges students face.  He voluntarily helps out at an academic institute and other charity causes and enjoys the environment.  Aspiring to become and Aero-Dynamics Engineer, Isa has high ambitions and is not shy from employment to gear him up for the 'working' world. 

He see himself as  a think-tank, always exploring and giving solutions to specific social and economic problems.      

Ishret Ayub - Teacher & Weekdays Maktab Lead


Qualified in L3 as a Teaching Assistant and having taught for over 4 years at an educational establishment that promoted diversity and quality teaching Ishret is ideally suitable for her role here at TPA.   

She possesses Behaviour Management  skills and brings a wealth of experience.  She currently works in the retail sector which has increased her in team building and dealing with complaints amicably.

Asma Akhtar - Teacher


Asma is multi skilled and qualified in different faculties.  She has 3 years of teaching children experience and is NVQ qualified in Childcare and Education.  Her current role as a Complaints Manager in the tertiary industry has given her the ability to deal with various people and adapt versatile approach in solving problems.  

She also possesses entrepreneurial skills by recently setting up a successful cake business.  

Iram Riaz - Department Head for Foreign Languages


Iram has a fast paced personality and has a great drive in getting things done articulately.  She has an BA (Hons) in LLB Law and MA in Commercial Law and  works in a financial institution.  Iram is also self employed as a Bridal Make up Artist. 

She has a passion for teaching and is multi-lingual that defines her position at the Academy.   

Aminah Mahmood - Cover Supervisor / Mentor


Being a student Aminah has always been in an educational setting. She enjoys being in the company of children and knows how to work with them. She has been involved with much voluntary work in facilitating event days for various fundraisers.  

Aminah is naturally skilled at creativity for which she recently obtained the foundation training in textile and embroidery. She aspires to become a professional in the medical field.

The Team of Youth & Community Outreach

Qaiser Khan - Head of Youth Project


Qaiser is a Quantity Surveyor (BSC Hons - QS) by profession and works for a construction & development company. He has always been involved with youth work, engaging with young and organising and participating in sport activities. His passion lies in this field, the very reason he is is the lead for all the youth projects.

Salim Patel - Community Outreach Lead


Salim is actively involved in extensive charity work.  He volunteers and commits whole heartily to a role asked of him.  He has been raising funds and creating awareness for projects such as widows sustainability, clean water, medical aid, children's hospital, feeding the homeless to name but a few. As a result he has built an extensive network of NFP organisations, councils, caterers, social services and beyond.  

It doesn't stop there, Salim is also L3 qualified in Business Management which works in tandem with his role as a Deputy Manager at a reputable Parcels & Letter company.  He possess qualifications in Counselling also.  His wealth of experience and passion makes Salim a huge asset to our Academy. 

Israr Safraz - Sports & In House Recreation Team Leader


With exceptional manners & etiquette's Israr possess the correct qualities for this role.  Many of his years have been dedicated to recreation and sports in his vicinity.  

This experience has given him the opportunity to build a rapport with the youth and as a consequence has led to Israr signposting and assisting some youth with troubled background allowing him to expand his pool of support networks through social services and other governing bodies.  

He has huge empathy for the less privileged and often feeds the homeless.  Israr has always wanted to give back to the community and this role will further enhance that ambition of his.  

Asif Gee - Community Fundraising Officer


Asif is hard working and a dedicated member of the team.  He has an eye for detail and combined with his high level of initiative his execution of results is exceptional.  Asif is always keen to assist with charitable causes,most recent being the trek in Barmouth to raise money for medical aid for the most needy. 

Part of the management team Asif is employed at an Automotive Parts Company and possesses a L3 in Learning Management.

The Team of the Advisory Counsel

Mr Liaqat Zaman - Academic Scholar


Educated in the UK and South East Asia Mr Zaman is a professor in his field of academics.  He has a degree in Sciences and Specialist Language,  and also qualified  in Religious Philosophy and Jurisprudence and delivers many lectures and seminars throughout the Midlands. 

A bi-lingual, and an extensive researcher in many topics, are the testimonies to his scholarly credentials.  He currently sits on the board of prominent Scholars who sit together to hear and discuss a cause of action benefiting individuals and the community at large.

Javed Iqbal - Community Activist


Javed has passionately bought about positive changes to the community, from initially setting up a soup kitchen for the homeless (Homeless Heroes), tackling prostitution and drug abuse  to the formation of a community group tackling social exclusion.  Amongst many other recognition's Javed has the honour of having the prestigious High Sheriff's Award for his services to the community.   

Javed loves his work as an Outreach Project Worker where he is a an asset to the organisation contributing his tremendous experience  and sourcing channels to achieve milestones.

Mahfooz Afzal - Legal Associate


Qualified as a solicitor (Bsc Hons LLB) Mahfooz holds an indispensable position on the advisory council.  He has many years of experience in the legal field of advise and representation.  

Furthermore, he has an in-depth understanding of the legal system and his advise on issues arising from our outreach projects has proven to be invaluable.  

Adrish Hussain - Business Transformational Professional (Lean Black Belt)


Adrish is a high performing Business Transformation Lean Practitioner & Business Analyst. He has 17 years of experience within the financial services sector, across the UK and Europe.  Qualified in Lean Black Belt, Adrish is an expert in business change, both at a strategic and operational level. 

He is a very result focused individual, who is driven by an environment of excellence and continuous improvement. He monitors Quality, Cost & Delivery benefits and being a coach he mentors through skills transfer.

Adrish is a huge asset to the academy as an advisor and a backbone of the advisory counsel in terms of transformational improvements going forward.

Faisal Khalid (Qari) - Certified Auditor


As well as  Teacher and a Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA), Faisal possess a great skill in Linguistic Reciting.  He has an amazing diverse ability to teach and as a result earned great respect from his students and peers alike.

Being able to evaluate and monitor is key in measuring the success of any organisation and Faisal is most certainly qualified in advising the academy how to do exactly that.

Facilities Management & Maintenance



General Maintenance

Zaheer Hussain


Qualified Electrician



 General Maintenance